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Dream Car Racing 2

If you are looking for a fun filled flash game to blow your mind, then you should look no further than Dream Car Racing 2. This game is built on an incredible space with fantastic visuals. You can learn a lot about famous paintings as the graphics consists of famous paintings to both educate and entertain. Another interesting feature of this game is the lively music in the background that make such an enjoyable game.

There are many levels in Dream Car Racing 2. To proceed to the next level, you will have to finish in at least the 6th place in each level. You should go as fast as you can to pass check points and earn as many coins and unlock new cars. Coins will enable you to upgrade your car parts. To make more money faster, you can complete various tracks repeatedly. Another great way to earn points and unlock new cars is to perform Back Flips, Front Flips and Ticktacks. Again, you can pull as many willies and inversions as possible to maximize your coins.

If you like a bit of an adrenaline rash, then Dream Car Racing 2 will get you covered. You will enjoy the unprecedented horrors in the game which you will have to escape in the numerous twists in the plot. There are never ending surprises, so will likely be kept on your toes through each level. In addition, you will have to continuous upgrade your car after completing every level to be more competitive in the races. At each level you will have to compete with your fellow competitors to improve your scores. Also, you have an option to race in tracks where you are tested on how fast you can go over a duration of time which earns you more coins.

You should find Dream Car Racing 2 substantially easy to play. To drive you car, you use the "Arrows" or the "WASD" keys, where the "W" is for acceleration. Lean back with the "A" key or lean forward with the "D" key. To brake, press the "S" key. The "Space" key is used to jump over hills while you can use the "X" key to boost your cars speed when the boost is activated. Dream Car Racing 2 is the best pastime which everybody must try.

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